Kurzemes Dabas fondi is a multi-sector family business founded in 2011.

Our company has been successful in forest management throughout Latvia. We are also involved in purchasing real estate, purchasing and sales of felling areas, valuation of forest stands, preparation of forest inventories, measuring of growing trees. We have been actively cooperating with forest owners. We help forest owners to prepare forest management plans and provide high-quality assessment of forest stands. We have education, good knowledge and a great deal of experience in forestry. Forests, trees and timber have always been very close to our heart and the refore we have accumulated experience in forestry, wood industry and wood processing.

We have also been active in the production of wooden building materials, in the construction sector and in furniture production to make good use and create added value to Latvian timber.

We are young, creative and enterprising young people who love nature and everything about nature. With our love for nature, we have created a new brand of design furniture, Wood story from Latvia. We enjoy working with wood, and from each tree we would like to make a story that will be passed on to the next generations.

We would be happy to make this story together with you.

Yours faithfully,
 Edgars, Ainars and Aneta.


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